Friday, May 13, 2016

KBAR #27

I believe that Net Neutrality should be controlled by the government because it wouldn't be fair if someone had a faster internet just because they payed more. I think the speed of internet should be the same for everyone. If Net Neutrality isn't controlled by the government then we probably would have to pay more for the same amount of speed we have normally which wouldn't be fair. If the government controlls Net Neutrality then we would all get to watch netflix & youtube etc. at the same speed as everyone else for the same price.

Friday, May 6, 2016

KBAR #26

Although Anne Frank went through a lot throughout her childhood, and she was sent to the concentration camps and didn't see such good things and wasn't treated good, I wonder if she was alive if she would say that it was worth going through it all again. If Anne Frank hadn't died from typhus ( an infectious disease ) if she would have survived out of the concentration camps,would she still be famous?

Friday, April 22, 2016

AVID Field Trip Reflection

My group and I visited the tennis court, the athletic store, and the stadium. All of these sites were really interesting and fun to visit. The tennis court was bigger than I expected, there were two men there and I enjoyed watching them play because it seemed like they were having fun, even though they were having fun they were still playing competitively. There were many seats were people could watch others play. We chose to go to the tennis court because it seemed like no one else would go there, it seemed really interesting.  The tennis court is an important part of Stanford because it shows that people could play not only tennis but other sports there that the students could enjoy.

My group and I also visited the athletic store. The athletic store was not as interesting as the others but it was a good place to visit. The athletic store had a lot of things like hats, shirts, pants, water bottles, etc. There wasn't a lot of people there besides us and three other people. We chose to visit the athletic store because it's the first thing we saw and we wanted to go inside and check it out. The athletic store is an important part of Stanford because people go and buy shirts or something that they like, which represents Stanford or if one of the students doesn't have anything to wear they could go buy clothes there.

  Last but not least my group and I visited the stadium, it was really big. We visited the stadium because we got lost and the stadium was close by. The stadium is an important part of Stanford because they use the stadium for football games.
I was surprised that the campuses were very different, Standford was like a little town and it was big and pretty, UC Santa Cruz was like in a forest but I really enjoyed visiting both of them. I look for a campus that's like UC Stanford, big and it isn't like in the woods or next to the beach. I learned that all colleges and universities are different and there's a lot to choose from. My favorite part of the trip was when we were at UC Santa Cruz and we were at the library and we went to all the different floors, the higher we went the more quiet it got which seems really cool if you like to study in a quiet place.

Monday, April 18, 2016

KBAR #23

I wonder what would've happened if Adolf Hitler hadn't been the head of the German government? Would Anne Frank had lived longer? Was it Adolf Hitler's fault that Anne Frank died at a young age? What if Anne Franks family hadn't hid somewhere, would they have died sooner, and would Anne Frank still be known? I think that if Adolf Hitler wouldn't have been the head of the German government none of this would have happened.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


With a new-found wealth, my dream is to go to college and become a doctor, so I'd use some of the money to pay for college and the rest for me. If I had inherited a fortune there would be a risk of me having fake friends, people that would only want to be my friend because I have money. To prevent the problem of me gaining/having fake friends, I wouldn't tell the people I know that I have inherited a fortune I would keep it a secret between me and my family then there would a be a smaller chance of having fake friends.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The songs symbolize what Kino, sees, hears, and what he thinks all put together.  The songs remained the same, but the songs in his head change because he sees,hears, and thinks different things. Now there was a song on his head based off his loved ones, he called it Song of the Family. I can relate to Kino hearings songs in his head because all the things i see, hear makes me think. It doesn't happen often, most of the times i hear a song in my head that has already been written by someone but sometimes I hear a song in my head, but it constantly changes because it's not the same everyday, it's different.

Friday, February 26, 2016

KBAR #20 What would've happened?

I wonder what would've happened if Oliver hadn't had the courage to talk to Stella. Would Stella just stare at him till Oliver had gotten his Starbucks? Oliver seemed to really like Stella, he just kept smiling and he kept staring at her, if Stella would've caught up to Oliver in time when he walked out would she have had the courage to ask for his name and his number? If Stella knew that Oliver was the lead singer of Heartbreakers, her least favorite band, would she have still talked to him or would she ignore the fact that he was staring at her for a long time? Will Stella ever date Oliver if he asks her to be his girlfriend and would the fact that she hates his band affect they're relationship.